I Life is too short to be doing just one thing... ok, that's not entirely true. It is better to focus on one thing...

Having said that, I have a couple companies where I sell products and/or services in and around what I am passionate about and love to do!
My main business, going on three years now, is SocialBacon. SocialBacon is a Facebook Ads agency, providing done-for-you paid Facebook advertising, along with funnel and website design services, primarily for local businesses.

As you can read in My Story, coming out of college, I started in PR, and quickly found my niché and online love in social media marketing and paid advertising. I love the process of cutting through the noise in channels like Facebook, and helping the little guy, small local businesses, to find incredible results through Facebook ads! In addition to Facebook, I'm a hardcore user and fan of a funnel-building software called Clickfunnels, which goes hand-in-hand with Facebook ads!
One of my hobbies is going out shooting! Anything from skeet-shooting, indoor range targets, rabbit hunting or big game hunting, I love shooting!

In addition to that, I am a hardcore believer in conceal carrying, and I believe in the Active Defender Manifesto, which is essentially, all protection (of yourself, your family and your property) relies solely upon you. 

With those two things in mind, my father, Dan Atkinson, has had a local alarm security company, Assurance Systems, for over 30 years! So combining his knowledge in home security technology and my passion for personal defense, we've created Active Defender. It is both an association with ongoing trainings, tactics, videos, physical materials, etc. as well as a national security company providing security solutions we ship to you, and you self-install in your home. 
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